My interest in photography started while I was in high school helping my best friend develop black and white portraits in a makeshift lab in his basement. One of my favorite pictures he shot was a picture of me and my dad following a fishing trip that is prominently displayed in my living room today. That picture is now 35 years old but the memories of that simple image mean more to me with each passing year. It is my goal to create and preserve lifetime memories as the essence of my special moment and event photography.

While I was impressed that we could develop an image with chemicals and paper in my friend’s basement, the thing that most interested me was the capturing of the image. My girlfriend at the time, and wife now of 25+ years, purchased me my first SLR camera for Christmas in 1982; a Minolta X-700 which I still use today.

I resisted the digital photo image until the point where I thought that the digital options exceeded the photo quality of the trusted 35mm negative. I made the digital conversion in 2004 and have been amazed at what the developments in digital imagery have done for my art.

My work today has focused on all types of portraits and sports. I enjoy doing weddings to help couples preserve the memories of their special day. I love spending the evening capturing the personality of a young person’s senior portraits or the raw emotion of a sporting event. I’ve learned that the best images aren’t always created while a person is posed looking at the camera or when a player is making the big play to win a game. The most special images show the emotion of what happens before or after the play or that interaction between a mother and daughter during a senior picture shoot that produces the most amazing images and memories.

Images that you want to preserve should be those that stand the test of time. While today’s digital world offers the ability to create many different types of looks, my style focuses on providing my clients with a portrait that is as technically correct today as it will be in decades to come. I certainly offer any type of style in imagery my clients’ desire but my style and preference is to produce images of personality and emotion that look as good today as they will when future generations reflect and share these images. I encourage you to look closely beyond props and backdrops and focus on the essence of the person or subject when selecting a photographer for your next meaningful day.

I look forward to the opportunity to share my passion for photography with you at your next special occasion or event and genuinely encourage you to shoot me an email or give me a call with any questions you may have. Thanks for taking the time to consider me as YOUR next photographer.